June 12, 2008

{ Calling all '09'ers }

Its that time of year.....Its SENIOR REP TIME...I am looking for Senior Rep's for '09. If you are interested in becoming a SR for me give me a call as quickly as possible. Last year I had to turn some kiddos away, its first come basis. I have a form for you to fill out if you are interested. This years Senior Rep package will be "Rockin", I have added 2 new features for '09'ers. SR's this year not only earn free prints, but all SR this year will received a Kickin slideshow for your I-Pods, I-phones, and your Myspace or Facebook pages. SR will also get a mini flash drive( its soo cute) with their Senior Rep pics so they can download and share their pics with friends! This new stuff is sooo cool. Senior Rep sessions are starting now, so give me a call..soon...dont wait..call now....lol just kidding, still kinda tired from all the workshops!

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