June 10, 2008

{ Wahooooooo.....look what Ive been up too...}

I attended a workshop the past 3 days, I am so tired but it was a blast. I have never photographed at night before and it was so cool. Here is a little bit of what Ive been up too. This is a bit edgy...and I love it.

I am looking for a group of soon to be Seniors to Model for me, this will not be Senior Rep stuff, but you can still do it if your a senior rep or just wanna go out and have some fun. We will be shooting all day, lunch and dinner will be on me and we will be going to multiple locations, one of them being downtown...If you are in interested give me a call, this will be a lot of work and will be a long day, but lots of fun. If you have modeled and are looking for portfolio work or just want to model give me a shout out.

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