July 31, 2012


"What do I wear?" 

This hands down is the most asked question followed by, how should I do my hair and makeup....
So with a lot of help from Pinterest and Polyvore ( LOVE YOU POLYVORE)
Im going to share a few outfits that would be FAB for your senior portraits.
ORANGE I love orange needless to say it is a taboo color in my home we are tried and true OU Sooner Fans  [ Boomer Sooner ] so crimson rules here but I love orange so I sneak it into my wardrobe any way I can...

All of these example can be found on my Pinterest Board 411 for Seniors | What to wear
All of these outfits are also found at the Polyvore website 



by Kayla

Im so excited to launch the [Senior Style] Blog.  This feature on the Senior-ography Blog will be weekly posts by the fabulous Kayla...she knows fashion, makeup, hair and be giving tips to help make you senior portraits even more fabulous!!

Cant Wait!!

Check back soon for all the [ Style ] you can handle

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