July 29, 2012

2013 Cy Woods Senior Photographer

2013 Cy Woods Senior | Meet Chelsea

I will start off by saying, I really love what I do... during every session I have this moment the moment where I know I have gotten something extra special...something out of the ordinary and miss Chelsea's session was no exception, well a little bit of an exception...we were shooting her session and we were getting some amazing images...then she put on this off white sun dress and when she came around the corner her face lit up and I knew it was her favorite so I knew I had to make this outfit extra special and as luck would have it we stumbled across a beautiful patch of Paint brushes at the perfect time of day....and well this was the result this was the moment where I knew, the image would be stunning...as a photographer this is what makes our hearts sing and do little jog...moments and images like this....Chelsea you are be-YOU-tiful.....

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