April 28, 2010

Cypress Senior Photographer

I only photography pretty people....How the heck am I so lucky!! All I have to say is I am LUCKY the seniors I have had this year have been so wonderful, one they are so sweet and so fun and O M G are they amazingly gorgeous and I'm not even a little bit kidding all of them, every single one...gorgeous...oiy I love my job!

Here is Andie my latest victim, we went to a awesome location she brought her Fabulous dress and we had a blast...my favorite quote of her from the evening, after I just asked her to jump into knee high weeds and prop herself on an old abandoned couch ( who know where that thing had been, yuck ) I asked her are you brave and she popped back..well I'm as brave as you want me to be....lol...PERFECT!

you are gorgeous duarling!!

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