March 05, 2014

The [ Simply Beautiful Campaign ]

i love what I do...
i love the seniors I shoot,
i love their style
i love their personalities

i also love being able to capture [who] they are...

The day a Senior comes to me, they have been planning this day since their Freshmen year in High-school, its one of the biggest days of their lives  and I am honored that these ladies come to me to capture this special time. Senior year is the culmination of all of the years in school; all the work, all the joy, all the tears, all the friendship and the fights with friends then becoming BFFS again, all the stress of; will I pass, will I get accepted, [am i beautiful enough] will he ask me out on a date, the breakups, the football games, all the hours of practice, going to school with a 100 degree fever because you don't want to loose your exemptions, shopping dates with mom and watching the big game with dad. not quite sure why mom cries all the time
[ my little girl is so beautiful ]
all of these things,
all of these thought,
all of the dreams,

all of this is captured in this one moment,
one day....the day they have their seniors portraits.

we prepare the outfits
the hair, the makeup
they are stunning...

and yet though all of the planning I have thought to myself, am I capturing [who] they are [who] they truly are and I able to capture that Tomboy, the head cheerleader, the track star, the valedictorian, the book worm for who they are on the inside, the girl beneath all the makeup, the fancy hair and boutique clothes,
yes I can but I wanted to capture a girl,
a girl just as she is...

no makeup
hair natural

the girl whose mom watches as she eating a bowl of cereal on Saturday morning in her favorite jammies and says to herself; she is so pretty and where did the time go, when did my baby become a woman...
I wanna capture [ her ]

just as she is
Simply Beautiful....

So I have decided to launch the

Simply Beautiful Campaign

After we have gotten all the amazing images, with the fabulous hair and makeup, the perfect outfits
my seniors will then have the option to shoot naturally

we will remove all the makeup
loosen up the curls
put on a simple pair of jean and a tshirt
and capture her naturally

all the images are shot in Black & White
and natural

every girl is beautiful......


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Therese Marie said...

OMG these are amazing.. I just love the natural look on all of these.. great work.

jerry jones said...

These are great work. My niece is about to graduate and I said I would look into finding her someone to take a picture. Where did you get these beautiful pictures done?

John McDermott said...

Amazing portraits! I appreciate your work. Nice blog. portrait photographers glasgow

Kyrie said...

These are beautiful. By far my favorites of what I've seen on this site. Natural is how the Lord makes people. Beautiful!