November 09, 2012

Fashion Friday Guest Blogger Kayla

Fashion Fridays with Kayla
 [ Secret Accessories ]

When you think accessories usually bling comes to mind, jewelry, scarfs, hair flowers, etc. It’s true that last added headband or chunky ring can bring the perfect touch to the photo. But sometimes, less is more. Too many accessories may distract from your beautiful face which is the whole point of the photo! Do not fear!! There are other ways to secretly accessorize your session outfits!!
A big trend in fashion right now is nail designs. All over the internet are videos and blogs of nail art everywhere from chevron to lady bugs. It would drive me crazy if that chipped yucky nail polish from last Monday ruined the perfect photo. Whether you go get a manicure (good excuse to ask mom to take you ;)) or just clean them up before the shoot, don’t forget to fancy up your paws! Here are some awesome nail ideas for your shoot!

Another secret accessory is lipstick. If you already had your shoot and I assisted it, I probably suggested the addition of red lipstick. It is my absolute favorite! It can take you from girl next door to Vogue editorial in one frame.  Bring a variety of colors to your shoot because you may just happen to have the perfect color to match the perfect scarf that together create the perfect senior portrait. 

 Last but not least, the most important accessory of all, your personality!! Shoots with Kim are always fun. She makes you feel like a friend rather than a client. So no need to be nervous!! These pictures are to capture you, beautiful you, so taking your personality and sparkling the photo with it will guarantee the perfect photo! Whether it’s that little crinkle in your nose when you laugh or your winning smile, when momma see it in the photo, it’s sure to turn into a 30x40 wall portrait above the mantle. ;)

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