December 01, 2011

Cypress senior photographer: Am I behind on Blogging or what?

As I was updating things today I totally forgot realized I have been neglecting my poor look for a load of updates coming soon, I promise, cross my fingers, hope to die stick a needle in my eye ( seriously who makes up these things) that will keep me motivated, the whole needle, thing :)

I will also be doing a few new little things on the Blog called  Fashion Spotlight, where I will spotlight; trends, fashion tips a all around how to coordinate your outfits, hair and makeup to have a FANtabulous session.  I also have quite a few photographer that stalk follow my blog and I will be showing some photo tips and behind the scenes post from time to time...Ill reveal the rest later, cant wait to let you in on it, going to AWESOME!!

so check back this week cause I cant wait to show you some of the BEAUTIFUL 2012 seniors I have been photographing lately...

and if your a 2012 senior, I am booking Spring sessions now, don't wait till March to call to book your session it will be too late, call now and secure a spot.

until the next post

Ms K

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