August 09, 2011

Assistant needed.....

My awesome assistant Kayle is leaving me, well technically shes going to college, so really she's NOT LEAVING me but going off on to her own adventures..I'm so excited for her but I will miss having her at my sessions...she is the most awesome-est assistant EVA!!

So....that means I need a new awesome assistant....Here what you need to be... AWESOME!!

I'm looking for someone who is available evening to assist me during sessions.
Must be in Highschool/college and able to drive.
You would need to be able to lift heavy furniture, not be afraid of bugs and creepy tall grass.
Be able to work in Texas heat and Texas cold ( haha ).

I also need to you assist with reflectors, getting equipment, assisting with makeup, adjusting outfits, spotting stray hairs, killing bug, acting goofy on the spot....

If you are seriously interested please email me or text me...don't inquire if you think OMG this will be so much fun ( it is fun ) but its a TON of hard, hot, dirty looking out for bugs, cows, dogs and big creepy spiders.

Oh and I will train this new awesome person if you don't have any photographic experience but if you have some that would be even more awesome-err-rr  ( I really use that word a lot)

Oh and you get paid...forgot to mention that...duh!

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