April 15, 2010

Houston Senior Photography l Locations

I cant believe the school year is almost over and all my Seniors will be leaving and headed to college, Ive had some amazing senior so far this year and had so much fun photographing all of them....

I have gotten several calls to ask my opinion on places to go shoot senior prom pics, now why I don't shoot proms picks I can recommend some fabulous places...

Some of these places are public parks and some are neighborhood parks so make sure your allowed to shoot there if you don't live in that particular subdivision.

Coles Crossing : Next to the pool area is beautiful and has great light in the evening and loads of pretty flowers.

Rock Creek Subdivision: Has a beautiful water fall and rock features, light can be a bit harsh before 5ish

FairField: The Gazebo on Mason and at the front next to the Lake

Town Lake on Barker Cypress: beautiful waterfalls and beautiful flowers

Bridgelands: ( only if you live there or your date) There is a fabulous bridge and some really pretty flowers by the info center.

Now for those of you who want to travel a ways about 20 minutes without traffic, there is Mercer Arboretum on 1960 and Aldine westfield far away but GORGEOUS!

One more, for a more urban cool setting there is Cypress Top Park there is a really cool vintage gas station and would be fun to shoot in front of for a more hip picture ( did I just say hip?)

also when looking for your locations keep this in mind:

Look for open shade, full sun pics just make everyone squint.

Think outside the box, pics in front of mom and dads house BORING...look for a different place maybe and open field or go for something silly in front of a crazy building, add some flare to your pics, Senior Prom only happens once. For those of your having your prom downtown think of shooting them down town on the street for a more edgy look, that would be super fab...

Have fun guys and be careful!!

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