April 20, 2008

{Trash the dress}

2009 Reps
Im looking for you!
I am looking for my 2009 Senior Reps, if you are interested in becoming a Senior-ography Senior Rep, send me an email and I will send you all the information. I will be starting Senior Rep sessions in July and continue them through September.
{Trash the Dress}
Prom Night is fast approaching and what do you do after Prom is over.....
well, you trash the dress of coarse.
I will be offering a limited amount of TTD sessions this year.
TTD session are a mini session where we got out and have fun in your prom dress, this session can be by yourself or with a group of your friends.
We go to urban locations, train tracks, horse stables, old barns and anywhere where you cant typically go in a Prom Dress.

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